Due to a recent job opportunity, we have decided that it is in our best interest to not take on any more decorative concrete coating jobs at the moment. We appreciate your understanding.


         Innovative Concrete Solutions is a locally owned and operated specialty concrete company located in Destin, Florida. We service Pensacola, FL and Panama City, FL homes and businesses for all concrete project needs. We specialize primarily in concrete resurfacing in commercial and industrial spaces where specific consideration must be given to time frame, finish, durability, longevity and our presence. Our concrete professionals begin every job by preparing the substrate with industry leading diamond grinding and dust collecting equipment. Proper concrete repairs are ensured with a variety of cement and epoxy products depending upon the situation. These concrete repairs combined with proper preparation techniques create a consistent surface to begin the coating process. 





        We work with a multitude of high performance concrete coating products in order to achieve a diverse range of looks, finishes and resistance to certain conditions. Certain products may also be selected in order to meet accelerated time tables sometimes required to maintain factory production capacity, or to meet the demands of the retail and food service industry in Destin, Panama City and Pensacola. We have no shortage of reference contacts, available upon request, for potential clients to substantiate these claims. 

        Innovative Concrete Solutions of Destin, Pensacola and Panama City, FL is open Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are readily available to provide information and to answer any questions you may have. We professionally complete, and promptly return both government, and civilian contracts in order to streamline, and simplify our portion of your acquisition process. 





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